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Michel Choquette, Président Fromagerie La Chaudière

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  • September 18, 2023
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I’ve been working with Qualtech for several years, mainly with its president, who puts all his energy into serving his customers well. I’m always amazed at the excellent work he delivers every time, and the quality of the work done by their engineers and welders, which means I’m more than satisfied with the job done. (Straight piping and speed of execution). With the fines filter, we were able to introduce our fines directly into the cheese being made. The HTST allows us to lower the water temperature to cool our whey more efficiently without any additional energy thanks to the energy recovery system. Repairs to the curdling unit went very smoothly, with no worries, as we have complete confidence in the work team. The automation of the fermenter has enabled us to save time and human intervention for a more uniform and consistent product.